Top 10 Best Truck Tarps review in 2020

If you carry cargo in your truck often, I believe that you are aware that a truck tarp is a vital investment that can help you organize and protect your cargo. Asides that, these tarps can cover all items you want to keep dry, including_ a pile of wood, boats, vehicles, or an outdoor grill. As a result, you will want to invest in the best truck tarp availed for you, given that this can help your investment or property last longer without a lot of care. Given the lots of truck tarps availed for you to choose from, let’s have a look at the 10 best choices availed for you to buy.

List of top 10 best truck tarps

truck tarps Buyers Products Aluminum Tarp System with Mesh Tarp
truck tarps 6×8 18oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp with D-Rings – Water, Mold, and Mildew Resistant (6×8)
truck tarp TARP 16OZ 6X8′ BROWN
truck tarp SPIDER Smart Tarp, Waterproof Heavy Duty Truck Tarp Bed Cover with 4 Built in Attached Adjustable Bungee Cords, Cargo Net Alternative for Short Bed Trucks 7’ x 7’ 6”
Best Truck Tarps XTARPS – Flatbed Truck Tarp – Heavy Duty Machinery Tarp 20 ft x 24 ft
Best Truck Tarps Dump Truck Mesh Tarp 7’X18′ – Black Tentproinc Heavy Duty Cover With 6” Pocket Reinforced Double Needle Stitch Webbing Ripping Tearing Stop, No Rust Thicker Brass Grommets –3 Years Limited Warranty
Best Truck Tarps Kotap 10-ft x 16-ft Heavy-Duty 6.5 Oz Black Mesh Shade/Truck Tarp, Item: MESH-1016
truck bed cover 4’ x 6’ Bungee Cargo Net Stretches to 8’ x 12’, 5mm Rubber Rope, Thick Cord, Spider Web Netting, Heavy Duty Mesh, Accessories, Storage Tarp, for Car Trunk, Trailer, Pickup, Roof Rack w/Hooks & Clips
truck bed cover XTARPS 7′ x 16′ Premium Dump Truck Tarp Vinyl Mesh Tarp Fits Most Manual or Electric Dump Truck System
truck bed cover 6′ x 8′ Super Heavy Duty 16 Mil Brown Poly Tarp Cover – Thick Waterproof, UV Resistant, Rot, Rip and Tear Proof Tarpaulin with Grommets and Reinforced Edges – by Xpose Safety

1. Buyers Products DTR7012 7 ft. x 12 ft. Aluminum System with Mesh Tarp

Best Truck Tarps

The DTR7012 Mesh Tarp is designed for dump trailer tarp and simple dump body applications. It comes with the required mounting hardware for easy installation. The tarp features heavy-duty double-stitched hems and brass grommets to enhance durability. It is rated at 400º F, which makes it suitable for covering asphalt. The extruded aluminum tarp roller can extend to the exact width of your truck, making it convenient to use. Each truck tarps includes a standard sewn-in rear pocket. The pocket can fit an anti-sail retention bow, which is separately sold.

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2. 6×8 18oz Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp with D-Rings

Best Truck Tarps

This is a heavy-duty truck tarp made using 100% cotton. It features industrial-grade D-rings enabling it to hold up well in high winds and the rain. Each D-ring is sewn into a 3-layer patch and secured with high-strength webbing to provide an excellent base and offer extra strength. The truck trap doesn’t trap heat and moisture, making it a perfect choice for protecting your valuables from the moisture. Its hems are double stitched, while every panel seam is double chain stitched to enhance strength.

3. Canvas Tarps Truck Tarp

Best Truck Tarps

A perfect choice for a multipurpose truck trap is the F&J Outdoors Tarpaulin Cover. The cover is suitable for covering trucks, building material, boats, firewood, and patios, while you can also use it as a water-repellant cloth for outdoor tents during camping. The tarp is made using 10oz heavy-duty canvas material that is anti-UV and water-resistant. Asides that, it adopts a triple-thick hem process designed to offer good tear resistance. You can reinforce the tarpaulin cover using the grommets that are distributed every two feet on the four sides.

4. SPIDER Smart Tarp, 7’ x 7’ 6” Waterproof Heavy Duty Truck Bed Cover

Best Truck Tarps

The SPIDER Smart truck tarps is a durable truck bed cover made using tough 15oz waterproof PVC. It features a tangle-free and snag-free design to guarantee easy covering of the load. The cover doesn’t include metal parts, which means that it can’t scratch the vehicle. Since it is UV stabilized, you can expect it to offer a long time of reliable use. Better, the cover features a 2″ outer perimeter webbing for edge stability. Its cord hook system comprises strong nylon composite hooks with a 1.25″ wide opening for fast and easy fastening. The hook includes an easy-grip finger hole designed to offer safe handling under tension.

5. XTARPS – Flatbed Truck Tarp – Heavy Duty Machinery Tarp

Best Truck Tarps

This is a black color machinery tarp. It is designed for tough trucking business use so that you can use it to secure and cover steel cables, machines, plywood, steel sheets, and steel rods. Made using heavy-duty 1000D mesh and a double-side coated PVC, the machinery tarp acts as a perfect choice for a durable truck tarp. The tarp features five grommets around the hems. The hems are reinforced using a 2″ wide nylon webbing to enhance durability.

6. Dump Truck Mesh Tarp 7’X18′ – Black Tentproinc Heavy Duty Cover

Best Truck Tarps

Protect your goods from dampness and spattering with this black Tentproinc heavy-duty cover. Featuring a mesh fabric, it offers great airflow to protect against moisture accumulation. Additionally, the cover is made using heavy-duty nylon. The fabric is UV and flame resistant to enhance safety after exposure to the sun. The cover includes copper grommets with a black oxide finishing treatment to enhance longevity. Also, it features reinforced stitching around the four hems to protect the mesh tarp from ripping and tearing. A zipper storage bag comes along with the truck tarps to guarantee easy transport and storage.

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7. Kotap 8-ft x 10-ft Heavy-Duty 6.5 Oz Black Mesh Shade/Truck Tarp

Best Truck Tarps

Suitable for covering pickup beds, dumpster roll-off containers, and dump trucks, this is a heavy-duty flatbed tarp made using woven and coated polyethylene. The fabric is resistant to wear and tear to guarantee strength. Further, it is mold and mildew resistant to enhance reliable performance. The tarp includes a plastic reinforcement that is double-sewn into the hem and corners to protect the solid-brass grommets from ripping out. The corners and edges are double stitched and reinforced using double-folded poly sheeting for durability.

8. 4’ x 6’ Bungee Cargo Net, Pick Up Truck Bed Cover

Best Truck Tarps

Designed to protect your luggage from loss and damage, this is a heavy-duty bed cover designed to ensure that your cargo will stay put regardless of the size. The cover features a high-quality 5mm thick bungee webbing with 4″ x 4″ squares. Also, it includes twelve adjustable metal clip carabiners. These can easily tie your net with the utmost strength and convenience. The bed cover can stretch from 4′ x 6′ to 8′ x 12′ without compromising the strength of the net.

9. XTARPS 7′ x 16′ Premium Dump Truck Tarp Vinyl Mesh Tarp

Best Truck Tarps

This is a durable truck tarps that made using heavy-duty industrial-grade material. It includes a 6″ pocket. The pocket is reinforced using 23oz PVC for durability. Also, there are five grommets. The grommets are located around the hem with a 2′ spacing. All hems are reinforced using 2″ wide nylon webbing to enhance strength.

10. 4′ x 20′ Super Heavy Duty 16 Mil Brown Poly Tarp by Xpose Safety

Best Truck Tarps

Whether you want to protect your wood, car, building materials or keep floors clean while painting, you can expect this tarp to stand up the task. It features a 16mil thickness and 16 x 16 weave count to enhance strength. Also, the tarp is waterproof, weatherproof, and UV resistant, which means that it can withstand outdoor elements and storms. The tarp includes metal grommets spaced every 1.5′ for easy tie-down. It is made using polyethylene material to offer the best protection and enhance durability.


There you have it_ the best truck tarps in 2020. When selecting these products, we paid attention to the size availability, durability, brand reputation, available color choices, material thickness, versatility, ease of use, and customer reviews. For that reason, I recommend that you buy either of the reviewed items and rest assured to have purchased a truck tarp that can handle a lot of tasks.