The Best Vizio Sound Bar Subwoofer Keeps Cutting Out

Music is one of the medium through which one uses to relax the mind. This can be achieved from a good sound bar. Having a good vizio sound bar will help you get the best of this. However, nothing is frustrating than the vizio sound bar subwoofer keeps cutting out when listening to music. Several issues may result from this situation. This might result from interference with the Bluetooth.

Similarly, the cut-out might be the Vizio sound bar operating without the satellite kit. The Bluetooth problem cannot be corrected but the satellite one can be corrected. If your Vizio sound bar keeps on cutting out here are some things that you need to do.

Update the Software

The vizio soundbar and subwoofer requires constant updates of the software. This is because the sound bar is configured to produce a great sound from the source. However, the updates can only be done by the manufacturers. 

To be sure that there is a software update for your sound bar checks it on their page.

 The samsung wireless subwoofer cuts out can also be well updated by connecting it to the wifi for updates.

If the sound bar cannot connect to the internet you can consider doing its updates manually. Furthermore, you can download the updates from your pc then update your Vizio sound bar.

Confirm how you have paired your Devices

Always ensure that your Vizio sound bar subwoofer is well paired and should be unpaired. 

A well-paired vizio wireless subwoofer cuts out and will give you quality music and sound. The stability of the pairing device should be well considered thus limiting the chances of cutting back.

Placement of the Subwoofers

The subwoofers should always be placed close to the Vizio sound bar. This will help solve the problems caused by cutting out. If your subwoofers are very far, ensure they are brought closer. Placing the subwoofer closer to the sound bar will solve the cut-out problems once.

Signal Interference

Signal interference might also be another reason why your Vizio sound bar is cutting out. You should check whether other Bluetooth or any wireless signals are interfering. Thoase signals may be the cause of vizio sound bar subwoofer keeps cutting out. When testing your Vizio sound bar ensure it is placed far away from the interfering signals.

Reset Your Vizio Sound Bar

Some settings may be corrupted thus hindering the sound bar from working properly. If this happens, consider resetting your samsung wireless subwoofer cuts out. You should work on its default settings then the cutting out problem will be fully solved.

Change the Audio Input Method

You should also consider changing the audio input method of your sound bar. For instance, you can change the HDMI to optical cable. This vizio wireless subwoofer cuts out andwill help solve the cutting out problems thus quality sound. You can also try connecting the sound bar with your mobile phone to find out the cause of the problem.

If you are using the digital optical cable, ensure the cable is not damaged. A well-connected digital optical cable should not have cutting out problems. If this happens, it shows that the headphones with bass you can feel can get damaged. If the problem persists, swap it out with a new cable.

Work on the Vizio Overheating Problems

Some vizio soundbar and subwoofer may experience overheating problems. This may happen when they are on for a long time. The heating up of the sound bar makes it shut down its amplifier. Shutting down of the amplifier protects its board from further damages. This may lead to the Vizio sound bar start cutting out.

The overheating problem can be solved by turning off the sound bar when not in use. Turn it on again and see if the cutting out problem persists. Always ensure that the sound placed in enclosures get overheated thus cutting out.

Overheating may also be a result of dust build-up. This may stop the high quality home stereo systems from cooling thus leads to cutting out. This problem can be solved by dusting out the sound bar. This can be done by compressing in the air thus help cleaning it. This will reduce the overheating thus the cutting out too.

Breakdown in the Sound Bar

This might be another problem especially when the sound bar is very old. Your sound bar may have taken long since it might have been used for long.

The sound bar may start cutting out due to some faultiness caused by the device being old. You should check every device on the sound bar and ensure they are ok. Once these are ok, troubleshoot the Vizio sound bar for proper functioning.

The Wire Gauges

This is the power a wire can carry at a time. It is always recommended that you use the 16-gauge wire for the isound twist bluetooth speaker that are 90 feet away from the sound bar. When the right wire gauge is not used, the cutting out problem will be experienced.

Picking the right wire gauge will solve the problems of cutting out thus cool entertainment. If you want to place the speakers far away from the Vizio sound bar, then use the 14-gauge wire.

Contact the Vizio Customer Care Support

This is another solution that you can opt for. The Vizio customer care support will offer you the necessary support to help deal with the cutting out problem. If the problem persists, contact customer care and explain your problem to them.

Their experts will work on your Vizio sound bar to help you solve the problem. You can also contact the retailer you purchased the sound bar from. The retailer may consider changing the sound bar in case it’s faulty.


The Vizio sound bars are some of the best sound bars in the market. These sound bars will give you the best entertainment ever in your home when vizio sound bar subwoofer keeps cutting out.

They are the best in sound quality due to their quality subwoofers. However, several reports have been out claiming that they are cutting out. In case you experience this problem, just follow the above-mentioned points. This will help you solve all the issues thus enjoy yourself fully.

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