iSound Twist Bluetooth Speaker Is The Best Speaker For Home

Your home needs music and entertainment so you don’t get bored. For some people, powerful-sounding types of music can lift their energies and make them able to sustain their days. That way, you need speakers that can amplify the sounds of your music.

The same also goes if you wish to have a sort of entertainment system in your house. iSound speakers are almost always the best speaker for your home, especially for iSound Twist Bluetooth speakers or the iSound Twist speaker.

In this Twist speaker review, we’re going to see the reasons why we say so. So, here are the “why’s”:

1. Can Be Brought Everywhere You Go

Compared to the other competitors, there are more types of iSound Twist speaker that you can bring (and install) everywhere you go.

One of the examples is the ISOUND-6366 Twist Mini Portable type. Even though this iSound-type speaker is a Bluetooth speaker, you can attach it to other devices that don’t have the Bluetooth application. 

What’s more, is that, it is a wireless speaker, which means you can recharge the batteries everywhere you go – Your home, your room, or anywhere you wish – it’s all up to you! (P.S.: It applies to other types of iSound speakers as well).

2. Has An Impeccable Design

You may think about more than one horizontal box with circular signs to amplify the sounds… If you think about speakers in general. Yet, it’s rather unlikely for you to find the same mainstream speaker design for iSound speakers, including iSound Bluetooth speakers.

The iSound Twist Bluetooth speaker tend to have unusual twists in the design. The mini sizes don’t only contribute to their easiness to be brought everywhere you go. Instead, it also means these Bluetooth speakers follow the new trends: Simplicity is the key to elegance.

Most other speakers come in black colors. Speakers by iSound, on the other hand, also come in black colors. Yet, the color variations also include glossy black, blue, white, pink, red, green, and purple. Now, the stylish speakers are ready to make your home more entertaining for you, your families, and your guests!

3. It Takes Your Music To Different Levels

Most of the speakers created by iSound can take your music to entirely different levels. Most have 6 watts of outputs and dual 40mm driver units, which contribute to full stereo sound experiences that are almost the same as in clubs and bars. These exceed the usual speakers’ 2-3 watts of outputs.

Some even have more powers in watt (depends on which speakers you’re going to use). Normally, when you purchase any of these speakers, you’ll get a 30 feet transmission range to stream your music in wireless modes. Coupled with the advanced noise cancellation feature, you can experience music and entertainment at their clearest.

Some of these Bluetooth speakers only have a single speaker amplifier. This means the ability to amplify the sounds can only be transmitted to one channel. Yet, this is enough given the features iSound Twist speakers have that can enhance your music and entertainment experiences.

4. It’s Easy To Recharge The Batteries

The fourth reason in this article why do we think iSound Twist Speaker is the best speaker for home is related to the first reason. Being the wireless Bluetooth speakers that can be brought (and installed) everywhere, it’s also easy for us to recharge the batteries.

Not only that you can recharge the batteries everywhere you go. These Twist Bluetooth speakers’ Lithium-ion (or Li-ion) batteries also durable for 5 hours. This means you can play your music and entertain your guests around your house for 5 hours – such a sustainable time for playtime!

Compared to the traditional batteries, Li-ion batteries, in general, require lesser maintenance in filling up the battery powers. You don’t even need to plug in your speakers to the wires, which means, you can save more of your electric bills.

5. The Passive Radiator Is Awesome

One of the considerable strengths of the iSound Twist speaker that makes them rival many of their competitors, especially those who are also using a single speaker amplifier, lies in their awesome-performing passive radiator.

Passive radiators are the subwoofers of the speakers. So, the main function of passive radiators is to transmit and to deliver bass voices from the speakers. Oftentimes, speakers, including Bluetooth speakers, have rather impractical sizes of their passive radiators.

The one passive radiator in iSound-made speakers doesn’t only have practical size. It can also produce thumping bass sounds, especially when you turn on upbeat music on your devices. It also comes with modern designs. No wonder it beats even the best amplifier for Klipsch speakers or the best receiver for Klipsch speakers.

6. It Has One Of The Best Cheap PA System

We don’t only talk about the main speakers when we talk about the PA system in a speaker. Instead, we also talk about how each of the supporting components work – the single speaker amplifier, the passive subwoofer, charge and audio cables, and more.

The iSound Twist Bluetooth speaker types are also among the speakers with the best cheap PA system. Costing less than $50, you get the sets of two speakers with the amplifiers and receivers, one passive subwoofer, and complete with the charge and audio cables in case you need to charge your speakers.

You can also choose the speakers’ colors at additional prices that are not too expensive. These entire things also make it possible for these iSound-made speakers’ qualities to beat the best amplifier for Klipsch speakers or the best receiver for Klipsch speakers.

So, there are 6 reasons why we think the iSound Twist speaker is the best speaker for home purposes.

Not only that you have many choices of speaker types. You also get the entire set of speakers with competitive prices – and this is the most important one for you to consider!

So, share this Twist speaker review article with your closest ones and let them know that the iSound Twist speaker is, indeed, the best one for your house!

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