How to Hook up Amp without RCA Jacks

Experiencing good music in your car is one thing that one may want to experience as you engage on how to hook up amp without rca jacks. However, it might be hindered by a lack of RCA jacks to help you hook your amp and speakers. This should not be a problem for you.

Hooking up an amplifier without the RCA jacks is one of the common practices that you may ever think of. An amp is one of the equipment that can be hooked up in several ways depending on the choice of the user. This will depend on the types of connectors and equipment available.

The overall goal of the system will also be a factor to put into consideration. There are several alternatives that you can use when you find yourself in such a dilemma. However, each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to hooking off of the amp. Therefore, here are some of the ways that you can use to hook up your installing amp to factory radio without the RCA jacks.

Install Using High-Level Amplifier Inputs

This method is also known as the isound twist bluetooth speaker level input present on the connecting amp to factory stereo. In this setup, the voltage is higher than that of a standard RCA jack. This is what is referred to as high-level input.

These inputs will ensure that you get amazing and clear sound quality and the best solution on how to hook up amp without rca jacks. To connect your amp with this procedure, you will have to run the red power wire from the amplifier through the battery then to the fuse holder.

You will also have to make a connection to the battery and the head unit after mounting the fuse holder. Additionally, you will have to route the power wire and the blue turn-on wire to the amplifier.

After these, you will receive audio signals for each speaker that will guide you on how to connect rca cables to amp. For any speaker that you will want to connect to the amplifier, you will have to strip the color-coded left and right wires. After this, you will now connect the wire heading to the amplifier.

When installing the high-level input, it is advisable you disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. This is to prevent the short circuit which might some effects while working on it. Most people prefer this method as it’s very easy accessing the amplifier.

Use the Line Output Converter (LOC)

This can be done by linking the line output converter level signals to the RCA signals. The installing amp to factory radio signals will then be in use by the amplifier. The LOC is commonly used with mono or two-channel amplifiers. This method can be successfully used to hook up the amp without the help of RCA jacks. Before you commence this installation, trace the leads linking your radio and the amplifier to your speakers.

The leads are always found at the back of the main unit. Once you find the head unit, use a wire stripper stripping inch insulation of the wires. The left LOC channel will hook to the left speaker and the right channel to the right speaker.

 Connect the speaker’s wire to the converter’s wires then bind them with tape. Finally, insert the RCA cables into the LOC and hook them to the connecting amp to factory stereo.

These headphones with bass you can feel method is very efficient as it delivers very clear better and clear signals to the amplifier. The installation process is also very easy and comes in a broad category of shapes and sizes.

The only limiting factor is that the LOC is very expensive but one of the best. LOCs are also very unique as they come with some adjustable gain features. The feature is very important since it regulates the output feeding the amp ensuring the speakers are not overdriven.

Use of Speaker Wire to RCA Adapter

Are still having problems hooking your amp without the RCA cables? Worry not. The use of speaker wire will help you greatly in achieving this. Hooking up an amplifier without the RCA jacks may not be an easy task at times.

Since you want to have quality and clear sound you will just have to face the task. Since most of the old high quality home stereo systems do not have RCA ports, it becomes a bit challenging to use the RCA jacks to hook them to the amp.

 This will now call for the use of speaker wire with the RCA adapters. However, you will have to know the specifications of your amplifier. You will have to determine if it supports the high-level RCA input or not.

This will require you to buy the common RCA adapters then hook them to the speaker. If your amp can accept high levels inputs on the RCA, you can hook the adapter to your speaker wire. You will then need to plug in your RCA cable input which is the simplest alternative available on how to connect rca cables to amp.

This process will be very simple when using the speaker’s wire adapter to hook up the amp. The adapters will help you to use the speaker wires as the RCA plug connectors. This will now entail that you will be able to connect the speaker to the amp. This will enhance better sound quality and performance.

This method is very beneficial as the RCA adapters are very cheap and affordable. This method of hooking the amp without the RCA jacks also delivers clear sounds which are very crystal and of high quality. Additionally, the RCA adapters need very minimal amplification from the amps for their functionality.


Most of the recent amplifiers have been coming with the RCA jacks. This makes their connection to be very easy. However, you may find yourself in a scenario without the RCA jacks. So lacking the RCA jacks should not deter you from hooking your amp to the speakers. The methods discussed above will help you in sorting out that problem on how to hook up amp without rca jacks. It will only require you to follow the set procedures with a lot of keenness.

They are very easy to install and they will ensure you get the crystal and clear sounds with high quality. After reading this article you will not need to do more research on how to hook the amp without the use of RCA jacks.

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