How to Connect Multiple Amplifiers One Source

There are many options available to help you connect several amplifiers to a single source. The options may vary from one system to the other. They have different input and output modes. Several connect multiple amplifiers one source may be in connection due to the different proposes you aim to achieve.

Several people may connect two amplifiers. One to the subwoofers and the next to the main speaker. This will help give a good sound quality. Therefore, here are different ways that you can use to connect multiple how to connect 2 amplifiers together to one source.

Use of Power Distribution Block

 One of the best ways to connect multiple amplifiers to a single power cable is by the use of a power distribution cable. This will permit you to use one cable for all the runs. They include the important portion. It goes through the firewall.

This will also allow you to use the shorter cables. They will eventually connect to all the single speaker amplifier. The fuse of the distribution block is also very important. It helps when the connect multiple amplifiers one source do not have the in-built fuses.

Use of Amp Ground Wiring

A distribution block should be in use. Thus, it will provide the ground connection apart from the ground of amplifiers individually. In regards to mirror series of power distribution, individual connect two amps together must be in link to the ground distribution block.

 It should again be wired to good chassis ground. This method can also be used for other audio components. This is a good way to avoid ground loop issues.

Several Amp Remote Turn-on Wiring

In most scenarios, you may notice that a single remote turn-on wire is unable to handle the demand by amps with wiring two amps together. One of the best ways to handle this issue is to link the turn-on leads from the amps to the relay. They trigger by the main head unit. Apart from power from the main unit, the relay should also be in connection to another source of power.  

This can be directly from the battery or the fuse box. This will help greatly in isolation of the turn-on signals from the main unit of the multiple connect two amps together. This will allow you to avoid any problems that may arise from overloads.

The use of Head unit and Speakers

For you to connect the head unit of your amp to other sources will fully depend on the output of the head unit. If the head unit you use has several pre-amp outputs, you can therefore connect each set of your outputs directly to the connect multiple amplifiers one source. It is important also to check if your amps do not have multiple pre-amp outputs.

 If so, you can use the internal amp wire that has the pre-amp pass-through functionality. It will allow you to connect several amps. Similarly, if your head unit lacks several pre-amp outputs, and the amps do not possess the pass-through functionality. You will have to adopt the Y adapters. Basically, they help to split the signals between your how to connect 2 amplifiers together

The wire situation of your amplifier can be more hard especially when the head unit does not have the pre-amp outputs. In this scenario, you will therefore use the speaker wire. Thus, you will connect the head unit to your amps. Additionally, you will also require a line output converter or the amplifiers with speaker levels. It will give you the line levels inputs for the amplifiers.

Use of the Impedance of the Speaker and the Amplifier

This method will allow you to connect several amps of the wiring two amps together to one source. Besides, they use the parallel or series method. The method to be in use will depend on the type of speakers and amplifiers you have. Both the amplifier and the speaker have impedance limits that cannot exceed.

When you use the series method, the impedance is great than to when the parallel method is in use. You also need to be on the alert to check on the maximum and minimum impedance of your isound twist bluetooth speaker and amplifiers when they are in use.

The use of Active Crossover

This is a stand-alone unit. It separates sound frequencies and channels them to different audio devices being in use. For instance, it channels mid-range frequencies to speakers, low frequencies to subwoofers, and high frequencies to tweeters. This method can allow you to use active crossovers. It will connect several connect multiple amplifiers one source to one source.

 Additionally, you will have to connect one amp to a high-frequency speaker and the others to the low and even mid-frequency speakers. This way will allow you to have the best clear highs, deep lows, and minimal distracting sounds with higher volumes.

Employ the use of Selector Switch

This method will allow you to connect several connect two amps together to one source or even several sources. However, it will only allow you to use one amplifier at a time. Therefore, this method will not boost the power output and the loudness of the sound output devices. The method is essential. It compares the power of every amp in playing different genres of music.

Following this, you will eventually need the high quality home stereo systems selector. Thus, the switch for the proper functionality of your connection. The caliber of switch in selection must allow for complete disconnection of one amplifier before the next amplifier to function. If you do not use a good and high-quality selector switch, then you will cause great destruction to your audio system.

Use of RCA Splitter Jacks

This is also another possible way to connect several how to connect 2 amplifiers together to a single source. The RCA splitter cables are used together with RCA jacks. It makes it easy to connect several amplifies to one audio device. However, you must have good splitter cables.

The obsolete ones will not be able to do work. Additionally, the wrong splitter cables of wiring two amps together will just render the whole process of amplification of the RCA jacks useless.


After you have gone through this piece, you will agree that you don’t require rocket science for you to connect several connect multiple amplifiers one source. It is something very simple. It will require you to follow the stated methods carefully.

Ensure you have made the right connections for quality sound and to avoid destroying the equipment. Finally, when powering them on and off ensure you start with the powering of the head unit then the receivers.

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