How to Connect Blackweb Bluetooth Speaker

Black web are brands of some of the most known electrical appliances. These brands are common in the market are adored by many. One of the products that have attracted the attention of several people is the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker. These Blackweb Bluetooth speakers are known for their superior sound quality up to 40 feet away and help on how to connect blackweb bluetooth speaker. However, some people have been having issues in terms of pairing these devices. Pairing your devices and the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker may be very difficult.

This will automatically deter you from listening to good music. Therefore, you should never panic. Here are a few steps that you can follow to help you with the pairing of your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker.

Switch on the pairing mode for your Blackweb speaker

Most of the Blackweb Bluetooth speakers have a power button that is different from the Bluetooth on and off button. If you press the button and hold it for around 5 seconds, the how to reset blackweb bluetooth speaker will power on.

This will be indicated by a flashing blue light. After powering on the speaker, hold on to the Bluetooth button till you see the flashing light turning from blue to red. This should be done for five seconds. When the flashlight turns red it will show that the reset bluetooth speaker is very ready to pair. If this does not happen put it off for 10 seconds then on.

  • Make sure the devices you want to pair are designed to connect

Before connecting your phone or laptop to the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker ensure they are compatible. Most of the devices have specific profiles that show what they can pair with.

Ensure that your phone or laptop has a profile that can pair with the blackweb bluetooth speaker instructions. If you are not sure about the devices that can connect with your phone or laptop, have a look at your device user manual for guidance.

  • Trace the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker on your laptop or phone and pair them

Once you have powered your isound twist bluetooth speaker, you can now successfully pair it with your devices. However, you will have to consider the type of device and the operating system it is using. This is because most of the phones and laptops we are using have different operating systems, it will be better you know how to connect blackweb bluetooth speaker

that you have. These devices may be running on android, windows 10, macOS, and the iPhone.

You will therefore need to know the procedures followed in pairing these devices. Since these devices are programmed differently they have a different mode of pairing. Therefore here are the steps that you will have to follow when using these devices.


If you are using the blackweb bluetooth speaker instructions, then this is what you have to do. You will have to go to settings then turn on your Bluetooth.

Thereafter, you will click “pair new device” when you have seen your Blackweb Bluetooth popping in the list of devices. Tap it and it will pair immediately with your phone.

Windows 10

You will navigate to the how to reset blackweb bluetooth speaker taskbar of your computer and click the upward arrow. The Bluetooth icon will pop up from the arrow located in the taskbar. Click the Bluetooth icon in the system setting.

Thereafter you will be directed to click the Bluetooth devices available. As the add devices window pops up click Bluetooth. Look for your reset bluetooth speaker in the list and tap it for connection.

Alternatively, you can search for Bluetooth in the search box. As the Bluetooth and other devices windows pop up, power on the Bluetooth. You can therefore click add Bluetooth device and select the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker from the list and pair.


For the user of Mac, you will have to navigate to the Apple menu. Further, you will move to the high quality home stereo systems preference then the Bluetooth. Select the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker from the list then connect. When asked to accept.


If you are a user of an iPhone, you are not left out in using the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker. You will have to navigate to settings and eventually Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth for it to be visible. Check for your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker under other devices. Tap it and connect to the pair.

  • Ensure the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker is near your phone or laptop

Before pairing the two devices, ensure they are close to each other. This will boost the connectivity strength thus easy pairing.

This will also limit other Bluetooth devices that are on from pairing with your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker. When pairing your phone or laptop with your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker, ensure that they are within five feet from one another.

  • Confirm successful pairing of the Blackweb speaker

After having connected your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker to your laptop or the phone, the red light will stop blinking. Furthermore, you will hear an audio sound that will confirm to you that your Blackweb Bluetooth speaker has successfully connected.

This will now allow you to play your music with much ease. You will also have to test actually if the pairing was indeed successful. You may try to play a song. If the sound is heard within the speaker, then this will indicate that the Blackweb Bluetooth speaker is fully connected.

  • Troubleshoot your Bluetooth connection

After following the steps above and your Bluetooth is not pairing, then you will have to fix or start the process afresh. If your phone or laptop sees the Blackweb speaker and does not receive data from it, you may have to restart the process.

If you are using the iOS settings, the device can be removed by tapping on its name then click forget the device. Similarly, if you are using the android device, go to settings, tap on the device name then click unpair.


Since you now know how to connect blackweb bluetooth speaker, you don’t need to panic anymore. If you follow all the stipulated steps above you will pair the speaker with much ease. If you experience any problem, just keenly follow the steps and you will not make it wrong.

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