Top 10 Best Wing Chun Kung Fu Books Review in 2020

Wing Chun is martial arts that are profoundly viable. The main arts aim was to provide self-protection to ladies. Currently, best wing chun books are present. Before Jeet Kune engaged in buildup possess, he showed and learned Wing Chun. Similar to other different combative techniques, Wing Chun is concentrating on aggregate body wellness and general wellbeing.

In this review, you will be lucky to go through kung fu books for training. With these best wing chun book for beginners, you will surely take your practice to a higher and a better level.

List of Top 10 Best Wing Chun Kung Fu Books Review

1. A Path of Mystery by Jim Brault

A Path of Mastery: Lessons on Wing Chun and Life from Sifu Francis Fong
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Path of mystery is one of the highly available best kung fu books in Wing Chun arts, which you need to gather and read. The manual is far-reaching to help one figure out how to build the soul, instinct, brain, and body with all the warrior expertise. You will learn more about writer depictions on the learned lessons from the principal section of Master Fong. Besides, the second part will offer you exhortation on proficient methods with which you will apply the lesson during your life to be a decent person.

When you read this wing chun book, you will reflect on the lesson and its relation to your life. The time you spend reading and re-reading this wing chun kung fu book will never be in vain.


  • Easy to understand
  • Very informative
  • Affordable
  • Best reference book


  • Not best for beginners

2. Striking Thought: Bruce Lee Daily Living Wisdom

Bruce Lee Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee's Wisdom for Daily Living (Bruce Lee Library)
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Bruce was known for being a fine and brilliant philosopher on daily living. He acquired a good head after realizing his capacity. While reading this book, you will get many secrets regarding Bruce Lee’s success. Bruce is an inspiration to the entire world, a martial artist, and an actor. Additionally, the book has eight sections, while these kung fu books for training covers 825 aphorisms and 72 topics. The various chapters cover spirituality, personal liberation, family life, and film making. All these are the things that Bruce engaged in.

With these ideas, one feels energized as the career and life help one live happily and with life assurance. You will overcome different challenges with ease. His life inspired colleagues, students, friends, and family get out successful in life. The personal best kung fu books collection will as well assist you in the course of your journey.


  • Motivational and inspiring
  • Very enlightening
  • Unique thoughts
  • Affordable


  • A bit complex

3. Wing Chun Martial Arts, Principal, and Techniques

Wing Chun Martial Arts: Principles & Techniques
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The grandmaster of Wing Chun is Yip Chun and is also the Yip Man eldest son. With the assistance of Danny Connor, moves will be explained by Yip Chun. The necessity of relationships between students and teachers is also well elaborated. These books help students learn more about Biu Tze, Chum Kiu, Siu Lim Tao, and Chim Sau from the many illustrations present in this book.

Additionally, the best wing chun book for beginners contains interview commentary and running narrative coming from Yip Chun. You will benefit if you wish to learn the secret behind this theory. The commentary/narrative will run parallel to the form/kata instructions in different places with moves pictures. Yip Chun discusses the goodness of WC and how it is good for both emotional and physical health and its relation to Confucianism.

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  • Includes philosophy, forms, and moves
  • Best Wing Chun reference book
  • Gives reliable reading materials
  • Helps one practice moves


  • Skips some steps

4. Wing Chun Kung-Fu Paperback

Wing Chun Kung-Fu
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Here is a unique and fun reading wing chun book edited by Bruce Lee and features the jeet Kune Ted Wong. Besides, this book is introducing the reader to the centerline, immovable-elbow, and form theories. Again, it also introduces one to trapping, chi sao, and more. With this set, you will set the standards for instructional best wing chun books martial arts. It is the best perennial study guide for different Kung Fu enthusiasts in varying skill levels.

With these best kung fu books, you will communicate a fighting and relaxed style. The book helps the opponents exert energy while the defender will be using frightening and minimal movements to help in the exertion of dominance in given situations. The present illustrations and pictures are ideal pictures that will assist you in home study.


  • Great illustrations and pictures
  • Has a relaxed fighting style
  • Best reference book
  • Classic book


  • Does not teach attack fighting styles

5. Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: The Complete Edition
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This book is illustrating the legendary innovator techniques. Besides, a definitive examination explains the best way of surviving attacks while on the street to increase training awareness and development of body movements. Originally, the wing chun kung fu book was compiled as being four-volume series. You will love this book as it is bearing new life in one’s classic work with enhanced digital photography produced by jeet Kune, the founder of Bruce Lee. The compendium is renowned since he reclaims the Lee canon integral part. The additional is necessary for martial arts and collectors alike.

You will find a practical section on street confrontations at the back of this book, which are brilliant. The more you get to know this best wing chun book for beginners, the more you will feel untouchable.


  • Big and great book
  • Refreshes the memory
  • Best for all JKD practitioner
  • Affordable


  • Some pages require a guide

6. The Tao of Wing Chun

The Tao of Wing Chun: The History and Principles of China's Most Explosive Martial Art
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Wing Chun is a popular Chinese Kung Fu present in the world and has millions of practitioners. The art is understood and has been handed from the teacher to students for three hundred years. Until currently, no person has stepped back to take a look at why the art techniques are performed and presented on how they appear. This wing chun book by John Little of martial arts authority and Danny Xuan, a Wing Chun master, has deciphered different techniques that have been encrypted in art.

Little reveal and Xuan shows how Wing Chun is holistically designed based on physics laws, biomechanics, and human nature. Besides, best kung fu books were designed with productivity, efficiency, and economy in mind.


  • Has a good history
  • Quality teachings
  • Has simple concepts
  • Structural principles and mechanics


  • Does not go deep on Wing Chun

7. Wing Chun Kung – Fu, Complete Guide

Wing Chun Kung-Fu: A Complete Guide (Tuttle Martial Arts)
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Here is the best guide for Wing Chu as it clarifies different fundamental standards and structures, battling, hooking, propelled strategies, and weapons. Besides, it contains 300 other contrast photographs. Each of these strategies is clarified in outlines that are well-ordered.

Additionally, kung fu books for training are offering direct, legitimate, and clear guidelines concerning Wing Chung Kung-Fu. You will thus acquire profound thoughts which concern the hypothesis, which is behind different moves.

Additionally, you will receive a profound comprehension of pragmatic and hypothetical utilization of martial craftsmanship. Likewise, the wing chun kung fu book has hooking strategies and battling. You will see directions for the utilization of weapons, which are added in this book.


  • Theoretical illustrations
  • Has more than 300 photos
  • Has step-by-step instructions
  • Practical illustrations


  • Instructions are difficult to follow

8. Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do: Jeet Kune Do Training and Fighting Strategies (Self-Defense)
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Do you desire to learn more about Bruce Lee’s fighting methods? The wing chun book will help you in achieving your desire is Kune Do. Contrary to other different martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is a usable self-defense form. It would be best if you used these strategies and techniques for you to beat the opponent fast. It is time you teach yourself on the best street-effective martial arts. Buy this book as it will help you learn on defensive and offensive Jeet Kune Do techniques.

You will also develop the capacity of instinctively reacting or escaping to all situations. You teach yourself about fighting similar to a legend since this training manual covers all of Bruce Lee’s aspects.

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  • Acknowledged talents and skills
  • Comes with illustrations
  • Clear language
  • Excellent martial arts and fitness


  • Issues with binding

9. Traditional Wing Chun, Branch of Great Master Yip Man

Traditional Wing Chun - The Branch of Great Master Yip Man
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Wing Chun Kuen is a dynamic and famous style of Wushu. It has distinguishing features such as economy and simplicity of flexibility, softness, and movements. The kung fu books for training also talks more about the power of attacks and protection effectiveness. The main aim of these directions is to achieve victory while in battle with minimal energy and efforts. While looking at the history of Wing Chun, you will see the original style has been divided into many branches.

The principles’ similarities are brought together based on forms, techniques, and styles of varying options. Additionally, this best wing chun book for beginners brings the attention of many readers devoted to the Wing Chun Kuen overview technique.


  • Helps one polish skill
  • Simple drawings
  • Easy to understand
  • Great reference book


  • A bit hard to follow

10. Basic Wing Chun Training

Basic Wing Chun Training: Wing Chun For Street Fighting and Self Defense (Self Defense Series)
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Many people all over the universe have great enthusiasm for different Chinese martial arts. The companion from Canada aims at getting the Wing Chun hang after ending the school graduation. This motivational best wing chun books will help one in learning different moves which completes it.

If you are on and off chance and wish to extend your insight, read and concentrate on this book. It demonstrates the important Wing Chun, including elbow assaults, knees, kicks, rehashing punch, counter assault, hooking and catching, arm bolts, and Wing Chun punch.


  • Step by step information
  • Written in a simple manner
  • Simple to understand
  • Affordable


  • Not best for real Kung Fu

Guide on Buying a Book

While purchasing a book, the main things which are worth looking at include:


In most cases, books as judged regarding to their cover. For many individuals, a great cover implies the author spent enough time and took adequate time to make the cover. If you do not know how to create an attractive color, it is best to consider asking a person to make it for you as it will positively improve your market. Besides, a cover will help you understand what the wing chun kung fu book is talking about.

Read Some Part of the Book

If you read a book sample and it impresses you, it is best if you remain hooked. If the book cover is great, you may skip reading a bit and consider purchasing a given book. Reading some parts of the book is not logical though many people have realized that it works well.

Checking Out Reviews

Checking at the best wing chun book for beginners reviews is quite challenging. Some people take time to read through the negative reviews to be malicious and leave behind the good reviews. You need to read through the negative and positive reviews before you make your overall decision on if to purchase a book or not. When you check the two-star and four-star reviews, you will make the best decision since these kinds of thoughts are always honest.

Reading the Book Description

In case the book description is boring, you have a guarantee that even the book will bore you. Therefore, it is best to buy best wing chun books whose description attracts you to read the whole book.

Smelling It

Smelling a book will help you determine whether you will buy a given book or not. Some people pretend to be a connoisseur of binding glue and paper, and they can tell the quality of a book by smelling a book.


The books in this review will help you in advancing and learning Kung Fu. With these best wing chun book for beginners, you will learn varying kinds of Kung Fu such as Monkey Boxing, Grappling, Snake Boxing, Shaolin, Self Defense, Dragon Style, Kicking Skills, Cha Boxing, and Animal Boxing. The book you settle for will highly be determined by what you love learning. Instead of training for the bad, it is best to train for the good and bring peace and changes around you. When you take a step to buy one of the listed books, you will appreciate having learned more about Wing Chun Kung Fu. We also recommend best pharmacology books to get some knowledge about medicine.

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